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Chris Hemsworth, Joss Whedon, etc (VIDEO) at “The Cabin in the Woods” Premiere

16, 2012 4:34pm

Check out these quick minute videos with Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, Kristen Connolly, Amy Acker, Jesse Williams and more from the Los Angeles premiere of Joss Whedon’sThe Cabin in the Woods.”

Now playing in theaters, the $30m movie opened with close to $15m in box-office this weekend, ensuring another commercial success for Whedon and his team with the film that put the Aussie strongman on the map in Hollywood (he was cast in this film prior to being recommended for his career-breaking role as “Thor.”

Emily Blunt, Jason Segel & Allison Brie’s “The Five Year Engagement” Interviews

16, 2012 3:45pm

Jason Segel (“The Muppets,” “I Love You, Man,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”) and Emily Blunt (“The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Adjustment Bureau,” “The Muppets”) spearhead “The Five Year Engagement,” the latest comedy from “Get Him to the Greek” writer Nicholas Stoller.

The film opens on April 27, 2012, but to check out Segel, Blunt and “Community’s” Allison Brie talking about the film, click on the videos below!

Jennifer Lawrence, Miranda Kerr, Pamela Anderson – All in’s 2 Minute Snippet (Hot Video)

6, 2012 12:30pm’s Angela Bakke takes you through all the news you need to know in just a few minutes – Pamela Anderson‘s new business venture, Miranda Kerr & Candice Swanepoel‘s interview, Jennifer Lawrence and all the Hunger Games craziness, Mirror Mirror’s Lily Collins and Ashton Kutcher‘s casting as Steve Jobs??!!

Click PLAY below to take a few minutes to catch up on all the latest.

Guy Pearce & ‘Twilight’s’ Maggie Grace talk ‘Lockout’ – a Original Interview

5, 2012 12:30pm

Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace sit down with’s Angela Bakke to talk “Lockout,” a sci-fi action film from the brain of Luc Besson (“The Professional,” “The Fifth Element”). The film is also known by working titles “Section 8″ and “MS One: Maximum Security” and was filmed in Serbia.

Of course, Guy Pearce has been on a tear lately with historical pieces like “A King’s Speech” and “Mildred Pierce” so it’s great to see him back in sci-fi territory as “Snow.” And it’s always great to see Maggie Grace, a fan favorite from “Lost,” “Taken” and, of course, the “Twilight” saga’s Irina!!!

“Lockout” is due for release in the US on 13 April 2012.

Check out the original interviews below! …Read More

Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling talk “The Lucky One” (VIDEO)

4, 2012 4:00pm

“The Lucky One’s” stars, Zac Efron (High School Musical, The Lorax) and Taylor Schilling (Mercy, Atlas Shrugged), chat about the new┬áNicholas Sparks adaptation, “The Lucky One,” directed by Australian Scott Hicks (“Shine”).

Sparks is a favorite of Hollywood’s chick flick fraternity (if there even is such a thing), with notable adaptations of his works including “The Notebook” and “A Walk to Remember.”

The film makes its US opening on 20 April 2012.

Check out the interviews, and the film’s trailer, below: