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Star Trek: Into Darkness Occupies Los Angeles (HUGE Photo Gallery!)

15, 2013 3:29pm

By now, you know what's going on... "Star Trek Into Darkness" is set to launch itself into "Iron Man's" jet stream and is likely to deliver a billion dollar pay day to those big studio folk who've put together a Trek with stars from across the planet to appeal to all-comers. Well, last week we posted the big gallery of images from the world premiere in London, this week it's the West Coast's turn, rocketing the new Star Trek adventure into orbit from Los Angeles. Check out all the pics of Zoe Saldana, Alice Eve, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams, Leonard Nimoy, Kate Beckinsale, and many more, after these vertical dots:

Lamborghini’s Grand Giro 50th Year Celebration (Photo Gallery)

10, 2013 5:03am

A convoy of Lamborghinis spreading over more than 3 miles in length, with a dramatic combined power of more than 190,000 hp hit the road in what is an open air exhibition of the cars that formed the brand's 50 year history. From the first 350 GT (produced in 1963), the vehicles represented complete the range through to current Gallardo and Aventador models. Check out the pics below! Here's the route: