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Justin Bieber Launches mRobo Dancing Robot at CES

12, 2012 10:08am

Justin Bieber at CES for mRobo

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only entertainer to show up at CES to plug a product: Justin Bieber made an appearance at the tech conference yesterday to launch the mRobo dancing robot with TOSY.

The mRobo is a portable speaker that turns into an 18-inch robot; when music is played, the mRobo dances in time with the beat. Bieber was on hand for the onstage demo of the bot, holding the mic up to the robot’s speaker as it played “Billie Jean.”

Bieber wasn’t asked to speak, as Timberlake was, so we unfortunately didn’t get to see Bieber’s presentation skills. There is video evidence, though, courtesy of Engadget:

Justin Timberlake Plugs MySpace at CES

10, 2012 12:00pm

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is bringin’ MySpace back — sort of. The entertainer spoke at Panasonic’s press event at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to discuss its partnership with MySpace.

“Why text or email your friends to talk about your favorite programs after they’ve aired when you could be sharing the experience with real-time interactivity from anywhere across the globe?” Timberlake said.

The upcoming MySpace TV app will be available on Panasonic VIERA ConnectT HDTVs and enables viewers to comment on their favorite shows and see what their friends are currently watching using their TVs, tablets and smartphones.

Here’s Justin Timberlake’s portion of the Panasonic presentation, in which he even gets in a reference to his SNL skits. Do you think Timberlake is wise to try to revive MySpace?

GALLERY: Clive Owen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Uma Thurman, Tilda Swinton: Cellphone Launch Brings Out Celebrities

19, 2011 2:30pm

Luxury cellphone manufacturer Vertu launched its latest gadget, the Constellation, at Milan's Palazzo Serbelloni last night. Given the phone's name, "Constellation," the marketing people needed stars to attend the event. Celebrities answering the call include models Chanel Iman and David Gandy, as well as Clive Owen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Uma Thurman, Michelle Yeoh and Tilda Swinton.

Angelina Blasts Wedding, Baby Rumors in ‘Vanity Fair’

30, 2011 11:52am

Angelina Jolie is a bit of an enigma, but there are four things we can definitely tell you about her. She IS on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair. She is NOT marrying Brad Pitt in the near future. She is NOT pregnant. And she is NOT adopting… not just yet.

Ange tells the magazine that there is no “secret wedding” in the near future, and adds: “I’m not pregnant. I’m not adopting at the moment.”

But she is metaphorically giving birth… to a screenplay. She wrote the script for a film called In the Land of Blood and Honey, and she’s going to direct it herself.

She wrote the script while bored and quarantined with the flu, and showed it to partner Brad, who gave her the highest of compliments:

“He called and said, ‘You know, honey, it’s not that bad.’”

Jolie says she’s been receptive to Pitt’s input to a certain extent, but doubts his ability to judge her objectively. “He’d come in and say what he liked or what he didn’t understand. Like any woman, I would listen to most of it and fight a few things…It’s hard to separate the person that loves you from the critic, so I don’t think he’s a fair judge,” she tells the mag.

Fair enough!