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Angelina & Brad Bring ‘Z’ to Paris Premiere (Photo Gallery)

4, 2013 8:59am

Angelina & Brad brought 'World War Z' to Paris for its continental premiere last night, Jolie even posing with fans for photos in what has become as much her return to the public after her mastectomy announcement as about the release of Marc Forster's long-awaited zombie-flick. Check out the gallery of pics from Paris!

Chime for Change Delivers Madonna, Beyonce, Mary J, Rita Ora, Hayek, Chastain, J Lo, Legend, Le Bon & On & On (HUGE Photo Gallery)

3, 2013 9:30am

  Chime for Change delivered the biggest line-up outside of the Grammys by playing host to performers and presenters like Madonna, Zoe Saldana, Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, Beyonce, John Legend, Simon Le Bon, Yasmin Le Bon, Haim, Florence Welch, Jessica Chastain, Salma Hayek, Mary J Blige, Ellie Goulding, James Franco, Timbaland, Freida Pinto, Thandie Newton and dozens more over the weekend. Check out the huge gallery of the attendees, performers and after party animals, right here:

Brad Pitt & Angelina Light Up the London Premiere of ‘World War Z’ (HUGE PHOTO GALLERY)

3, 2013 5:00am

With "Muse" playing the after-party, the "World War Z" world premiere in London kicked off a no-limits celebration of Marc Forster's zombie flick last night. The full star wattage, of course, was provided by the film's star Brad Pitt, and his in-the-news love Angelina Jolie. Despite other known entities in the proceedings, the cameras found their usual focal length trained on the mega-couple. Check out our 150+ image gallery below!!!