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Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts & Nic Cage Add Starpower to Montblanc Store Opening in Beijing

6, 2012 11:25am

Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard helped luxury pen/jewelry/timepiece brand Montblanc open its marquis store in Beijing this week, posing for pics amidst local personalities and models, lots of models.

Check out the images of Alba's peek-a-boo number below. We also recommend the images of Watts in the black blazer, tres chic. As for Nicolas Cage... well, good to see him out of the dojo and embracing his aim to be in every movie released this year (seriously, if you haven't seen it, google SNL, Nicolas Cage and Andy Samberg). Nicely played, luxury pen maker. Nicely played.