Zoe Saldana Discusses Bullies and Romance in Cosmopolitan South Africa November 2011 (Photo Gallery)

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zoe saldana

Zoe Saldana is this month’s cover model for Cosmopolitan South Africa, and in the accompanying interview, the stunning actress shared her thoughts on romance and how she’s teaching her niece to deal with bullies.

“I’ve been trying to teach my niece to be verbal rather than physical and always to speak to an adult if another child is bothering her,” Saldana explained. “But if you have tried every civilized angle to defend yourself, I’m saying bust someone’s kneecap if you have to. I’m okay with that.”

Another tidbit Zoe Saldana shared in her Cosmopolitan South Africa interview was the most romantic thing a man’s ever done for her: “Being himself and respected me for myself… To meet a man who can hold his own and allow his woman to make more money, to be tougher? And he still feels like a man? That is very romantic to me.”

Check out more images from the editorial below. Fun side note: The eagle eyes over at Popsessive noticed that the cover image of Zoe Saldana for Cosmopolitan South Africa was actually recycled from C Magazine‘s summer issue. Fashion mag faux pas, or a casualty of the economy?

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