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Many thought with “The Hunger Games” coming into its fifth week in theaters that we’d see a dip in box office numbers this weekend.

Boy were they wrong!

Kevin Hart proved with the ensemble comedy “Think Like A Man” that he can bring crowds to theaters as the film topped the box office with a surprising $33.3 million; Zac Efron(‘s abs) starring in the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Lucky One” seems to be a perfect match, coming in at #2 with $23.4 million; and Disney’s latest documentary “Chimpanzee” is making us fall for the lovable primate, as it took an impressive $10.5 million.

Kevin Hart – “Think Like A Man”

Though Kevin Hart has been dominating the stand-up comedy circuit for years now, it’s just recently that Hollywood has taken notice of the funnyman’s box office potential.

Last year, his stand-up feature “Laugh At My Pain” showed how loyal his fan base is, as the film made close to $2 million its opening weekend in only 98(!) theaters.

Now starring in the adaptation of Steve Harvey best-selling book, “Think Like a Man,” Screen Gems used Hart’s 3.8 million twitter followers to drive a modestly released urban comedy (in only 2,015 theaters as compared to “The Hunger Games’” 3,700) to double the figures that executives predicted. Hart’s tweet yesterday sums it up best: “I really don’t think y’all understand what’s going on right now! #ThinkLikeAMan is destroying the country…WE ARE MAKING HISTORY PEOPLE.

Zac Efron – “The Lucky One”

Efron returns to the WWTW conversation, this time not only in voice but physical form as well (you’re welcome ladies).

After lending his voice to the hit animated feature “The Lorax,” the heartthrob shows a little more of his adult side for this Nicholas Sparks (“The Notebook”) adaptation. Combining Efron’s fanatical fans with the Sparks pedigree proved a successful combination. And, as NPR opines, his rugged look in the film evidences the evolution of the actor.

Oscar the chimp – “Chimpanzee”

If, like us, seeing the chimp in the trailers for Disney’s “Chimpanzee” documentary got ya a little choked up, it’ll come as no surprise that many others were also motivated to meet the little primate named Oscar (a precursor of things to come?) on the big screen.

Dominating the morning and afternoon talk circuit for the week, the film also had a welcome philanthropic angle as for every ticket purchased during opening week the Disneynature label made a donation to the Jane Goodall Institute’s “See ‘Chimpanzee,’ Save Chimpanzees” program. On a different note, Forbes commented on the missed opportunity by Dole and Chiquita for not attempting a banana marketing campaign around the movie.  (That would have made for a slipperier-than-usual theater floor!)

AND… drumroll, please… the Celebs.com’s Winner of the Weeks is…

We gotta give props to Kevin Hart. Watching the comic rise from bit parts in movies like “Scary Movie 3″ & “4″ and “Soul Plane” to the verge of being considered with the next wave of bankable comedians is an impressive success story. And he’s not slowing down. You’ll see him this weekend in the Jason Segel/Emily Blunt romantic comedy “The Five-Year Engagement” and he’s got a comedy pilot in the works at BET. Check out the interview from the Tribeca Film Festival below! Congratulations KH!

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