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Woody Allen Scoffs at Summer Cinema & More from LAFF

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At the world premiere of “To Rome with Love” at the Los Angeles Film Festival the other night, Woody Allen proffered one-liners to an audience that included Celebs.com’s Angela Bakke:

- Casting: “I love to cast talented people because all you have to do is get out the way, not screw them up, and they make you look like a hero.”

- On lead actor Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network”): “I would’ve played Jesse’s character if I was 50 years younger.”
- On Ellen Page (“Juno”): She is an actress I have always wanted to work with and finally got the chance.
- On Penelope Cruz (“Vicki Cristina Barcelona”): “She’s a force of nature.”
- Responding to a negative review of the film: “Keep in mind this is not an exact science. I did my best. ┬áIf you feel I wasted your time, see my next film, I’ll try to do better.”
We caught a quick glimpse of Penelope Cruz on the red carpet outside the event where she stopped ever so briefly to address reporters. Check out the video:


The ordinarily reclusive Woody Allen also sat down with The Wall Street Journal and revealed the reason why he releases his films during the summer.

“I like them in the summertime because I feel that in the summertime everybody comes out with these god-awful movies and grown-ups never have a chance to just go to the movies,” he said. “There’s almost nothing to see. So I like to put my movies out in the summer because I feel like people like to have an option to see something that isn’t car chases, toilet jokes, special effects.”

Maybe Allen is onto something. After all, “Midnight in Paris” was released among last summer’s blockbusters and became one of his biggest commercial successes. That doesn’t mean he is basking in the glow of his success or hanging pictures of cast members Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams up on his wall, though. Once he completes a film, he is finished with it. He moves on to his next project and scoffs at spending too much time reflecting or living in the past.

Woody Allen’s latest film, “To Rome With Love,” opens June 22.