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Winona Ryder is Interview’s May 2013 Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Winona Ryder in Interview

Don’t call it a come back, she’s been here for years, but it’s hard not to notice that Winona Ryder is back in a big way.

For Interview magazine, Ryder admits, “Most of my memories of my childhood are at City Lights, because that’s where I was babysat. I have a whole relationship with technology that I’m struggling with a little bit. I totally acknowledge that there are great things that are happening because of it, but I just have a knee-jerk reaction to the whole ‘adapt of die’ bit.”

Just don’t expect to see her on Twitter any time soon. “It’s like if you’re not involved with social media now, then you’re not relevant or human. But I know I’m being extreme. People are using it to address a lot of really important issues and to support things that I want to support, so I’m coming around. But I’ve been driving people nuts; I’m just not a computer person.”

Ryder also revealed some pretty interesting information about her parents. “My parents are awesome, but they’re pretty left-wing. They live in Canada now. They moved when Bush was re-elected. You know how a lot of people said they were going to do that? My parents actually did it. So I was raised with what I would say was a healthy alternative political view.”

Read more in the latest issue of Interview, available now.

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