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Will Smith Tops Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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It’s been four years since we’ve seen Will Smith last on the big screen and a decade since he donned the black suit and shades for the “Men In Black” franchise, so this Memorial Day weekend was a big test to see if the Fresh Prince could still get jiggy with it for audiences (alright, that’s enough with the ’90s references).

Though “Men In Black 3″ (in 3D) – which also stars Smith’s “MIB” partner Tommy Lee Jones and his more youthful doppelganger Josh Brolin – finally dethroned “The Avengers” with a projected $70 million take by the end of the holiday weekend (and over $200m in worldwide cume), the numbers for the holiday weekend generally are lower than most projected.

“The Avengers” continues to break records. With a projected $48.5 million weekend, the multi-star blockbuster is the fastest film to cross the $500 million mark in the States, and now sits just over $525 million (for the record, “Avengers” passed $500M in just 23 days, passing “Avatar,” which took 32).

But “The Avengers” can’t carry the box office forever, and with moviegoing down 32% from last year, many in Hollywood are hoping that June will be a better month than May. Still, there are some huge films on the horizon, and Celebs.com predicts this will be a record-breaking year at the movies.

With little new competition this week, Smith takes the WWTW throne. Let’s see how the Bad Boy’s week was (ok, I promise, no more…ugh… who am I kidding).

Will Smith – “Men In Black 3”

Smith’s “MIB 3″ press tour began earlier this month when the film premiered in Russia and he slapped a reporter on the red carpet when the guy tried to kiss the star. While the journalist is known for kissing the celebs he meets it’s clear that Smith didn’t get the note. This week on Letterman,” Smith says he has no regrets giving the guy his pimp hand.

The incident in Russia may have just been Smith practicing for when men coming calling for dates with his daughter, Willow. As he told People.com, he has a plan for anyone coming to woo his little girl.

Wish you could go back and watch countless Will Smith zingers? Well, Film.com answered your prayers this week on that note.

Finally, in the UK, Smith went on “The Graham Norton Show” and gave the audience what they wanted: the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song, and the youtube video has already racked up millions of views.

Smell ya later! Take us out Will! (go to 1:52 to get right to it)

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