Why Paula Deen Waited 3 Years to Reveal Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis

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Paula Deen

Celebrity chef Paula Deen confirmed today that she has Type 2 diabetes — and that she was diagnosed three years ago. Why wait so long to tell the public?

“I said, ‘The one thing that I think endeared me to so many people is I’ve been in very hopeless situations,’” Deen told People. “I had to really get myself into a place when I made the announcement. I would come with information, and I would be armed to be able to help others.”

That “place” seems to be Diabetes in a New Light, an online portal for those with diabetes. The website was created in partnership with Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company that makes Victoza, the diabetes medication Deen uses.

In an appearance on the “Today” show, Deen said, “I could’ve walked out and said, ‘Hey y’all, I have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and walked away.” Do you think Deen is smart to partner up with a drug company to spread awareness of Type 2 diabetes, or is this a smart ploy for profit?

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