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Why Kristin Davis Didn’t Adopt a Foreign-Born Baby

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In a new interview with “Good Morning America,” actress Kristin Davis revealed why she chose to adopt an American baby instead of a foreign-born baby as her contemporaries Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Katherine Heigl have done.

“I was very nervous about domestic [adoption],” she explained. “I had planned to do it internationally, but it was 3 to 5 years and I just couldn’t wait that long. Here in our country, we have kids in need and the foster system is not a great option, so once I made the decision, it moved very quickly, and I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.”

Davis adopted Gemma Rose last fall. She says that being a single mom is “a lot of responsibility,” adding, “In some ways, I wish I had come by it sooner, but then again, I wouldn’t have Gemma, so that would be bad.”

Do you support celebrities adopting foreign-born babies, or do you think they should follow Kristin Davis’ lead and adopt stateside?

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