White House Crasher Michaele Salahi Runs Off with Journey Guitarist

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Oh, those White House party-crashing, reality show-courting Salahis. What will they do next? Run off with the guitarist of Journey or something? Well, actually… yeah.

You’ll remember Tareq and Michaele Salahi as the couple that shot to infamy after they crashed a party at the White House in 2009 and Michaele as the woman who attempted to go on Celebrity Rehab but was booted after it turned out she wasn’t addicted to anything at all.

Except love, maybe?

Earlier this week, Tareq contacted the authorities and reported his wife as missing and possibly kidnapped. She left their home to go to a hair appointment and never returned, but later called from an unknown number. Tareq said he got the feeling his wife was being forced to make the call.

Unfortunately for Tareq, what really happened is that Michaele ran off with Neal Schon, the guitarist of Journey. Tareq considers Neal his best friend and is reportedly devastated. Michaele is currently with Neal, who’s on tour with Journey.

Will Michaele and Tareq get back together? Don’t stop believin’!

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