What Happened to Christina Aguilera’s Son Max?

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Yesterday, Christina Aguilera jetted off to Hawaii to enjoy a vacation with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, and her adorable son, Max Bratman.

And it seems that no one needs a vacation more than Xtina and her boy… Max recently got into a scuffle with some rogue squirrels… and lost.

Paps went crazy when the blanket that Christina was holding over Max in the airport slipped, showing Max’s bruised face.

It looked as if the toddler had suffered a broken nose, and one gossip outlet speculated that his mom was to blame, citing the singer’s “erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings”.

But a source close to Aguilera fired back, saying Max had fallen in the park when he was chasing squirrels with his nanny, and didn’t suffer any other injuries other than some bruising.

Next time, leave the squirrel-chasing to English setters, kiddo.

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