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WEBBY AWARDS: Celebs, Comedians & .Commers Celebrate Best of the Web

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John Hodgman and Justin Long of the “Mac vs. PC” advertisements, and actor Richard Dreyfuss of the “Think Different” aka “The Crazy Ones” commercial, joined forces to honor Apple founder Steve Jobs with a tribute at the Webby Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City this week.

The tribute included ‘by video’ wishes from President Obama, former President Clinton and recent Facebook squillionaire Bono.

Joining the ceremony to host and hand out awards to those shows, apps, sites and stores we know, love, hate to love, and even those we love to admit we hate (but secretly love), were filmmaker Spike Lee, who brought some Linsanity to proceedings by taking the stage with a certain New York Knicks point guard, host/comedian Patton Oswalt, comedians Louis CK and Jim Gaffigan, as well as singer Bjork, actress Juliette Lewis, and other online & real-world personalities.

Check out that old Apple commercial narrated by Dreyfuss below, and then check out some pics from the event. Maybe next year we’ll get some Webby love for http://www.celebs.com, who knows?