Was Marilyn Monroe the Greatest Celebrity of All Time (GCOAT)?

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Last week we asked the question, “Was Grace Kelly the Greatest Celebrity of All Time?Princess Grace was an Oscar-winner, lived large amidst acting luminaries of her era, was a fashion icon and a muse to many, and became a very real princess before she passed away tragically at the age of 52 in 1982.

One most likely contender to challenge the G.C.O.A.T. crown is an undeniable force in our pop culture still today. She was on her way to proving herself within her acting profession, definitely lived very large amidst undeniably talented peers, inspired many to dress her hourglass frame, was married three times, including nuptials to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller, and if she indeed wooed a Kennedy then can also be said to have been involved with royalty of the American sort.

That contender, of course, is Marilyn Monroe, whose flame burned out to barbiturate poisoning in 1962 when the actress was just 36 years of age. It speaks volumes that Elton John’s tribute song to Marilyn was adapted for Princess Diana/Lady Di when that other icon was killed too young.

With “My Week with Marilyn” ascending into theaters on November 23, and attention on the pixie-like Michelle Williams bound to become more intense as we enter awards season, the “Picturing Marilyn” exhibition has opened at the Milk Gallery in New York City, produced in part by The Weinstein Co.

Hosting the event were Bert Stern (whose Vogue images of Marilyn are arguably those that most define the lasting legacy we have of her today), Celeste Holm (star of “All About Eve”) and Joan Copeland (Arthur Miller’s sister). In attendance were actors Andrea Riseborough, Dominic Cooper and Ben Shenkman, models Christie Brinkley, Jessica Stam and Beverly Johnson, fashion players Calvin Klein, Carlos Mota, Georgina Chapman and Grace Coddington, as well as famed photographers Harry Benson, Thaddeus Harden and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders.

Take a peek at the exhibition below!

All images courtesy of Getty Images for The Weinstein Co.