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Vince Vaughn Picks Up a Palace in… La Cañada? (Photo Gallery)

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Set back toward the mountains, due north of Glendale and Pasadena, La Cañada might not be well known in official Hollywood circles, but Vince Vaughn, fresh off his “internship” at Google (see trailer below), has picked up some property there for a shade under $4 million.

And it kinda looks like the Colonial-style house in Wedding Crashers!

The 5 bedrooms each have their own bathroom. Gotta like that. Cherry hardwood floors. Nice. A library. Interesting. “Park-like grounds.” Good. And not too far from a Trader Joe’s. Hmmmm, okay… what’s goin’ on, Vince? Sounds like you’re retiring!

You know the drill, take the tour: