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Vince Gilligan Talks ‘Breaking Bad’ and the Beginning of the End

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breaking bad
The Season 4 finale of “Breaking Bad” showed viewers just how far off the edge Walter White, played brilliantly by Bryan Cranston, has gone. As if poisoning an innocent child wasn’t enough, creator Vince Gilligan sat down with Zap2it to discuss how much farther he’s willing to go.

It’s refreshing to have a show at the pinnacle of its success be willing to say goodbye with dignity and grace. The only problem is, are viewers really ready to say goodbye to Mr. White and Jesse? Maybe the scariest part of all is that even creator Gilligan and the writers aren’t sure how the characters will bid adieu: The final eight episodes of the season have yet to be written.

Walter White has arguably been one of the most complex characters to ever grace a television series. He has gone from beloved, sympathy-inspiring schoolteacher to tragic family man cancer victim to meth-producing idiot savant to meth-producing drug king. This has made Walter White one of the most difficult characters in the history of television to root for, but it’s also made him one of the most complex.

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