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Viggo Mortensen Has a Plan & Shares it at Celebs.com’s Toronto Studio (Photos)

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Everybody Has a Plan” is another feather in Viggo Mortensen‘s impressive cap, the actor portraying twin brothers in this Spanish language, Argentinean project shot primarily in the winding river beds of the Tigre Delta. The film is currently playing the Toronto International Film Festival.

Speaking Spanish (one of four languages in which Mortensen converses), Mortensen met the eventual writer/director of the film as he went into the soccer home of his beloved team, San Lorenzo.

Viggo and director Ana Piterbarg stopped by AFCI’s Beyond Cinema Studio presented by Celebs.com to talk to Elliot V. Kotek about the film. While we wait for the interview to finish its purgatory in the editing room, check out the photos by our snapper Scott McDermott. To say that Viggo Mortensen was loved by everyone in the studio is an understatement, he’s a gracious and very freakin cool dude, even taking time out to pose with our friends from the crazy Canadian sock-hat company Pook.