VIDEO: Paul Giamatti & Kate Mara Get Medieval

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When I sat down for a chat with Paul Giamatti in Austin in March ahead of the release of the realistic (and brilliant) “Win Win,” he confessed to loving swords and sandals movies, and had just taken his son to see “The Eagle,” starring six-pack’er Channing Tatum.

Well, it appears that Giamatti has his own wig-wearing sojourn into the medieval with the film “Ironclad,” currently in limited release, and co-starring Kate Mara (“127 Hours,” “Iron Man 2″), whose sister won the much sought role of Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher’s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” franchise.

Take a look at the film’s trailer/music video below. Swords, sandals, castles, catapults and a damsel in distress, “Ironclad” might not go too far at the box-office, but sometimes it is fun watching people get medieval. Giamatti let me know that his mother took him to watch inappropriate films like “Clockwork Orange” as a kid, and now the guy likes slinging firebombs on film. Seems to make sense.

Photo above by Celebs.com’s Scott McDermott.