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Us Magazine Celebrates ‘The Host’ With Collectors Edition Issue

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the host us magazine cover

Us Magazine is celebrating the release of “The Host” this magazine with a collector’s edition issue. “The Host” is based on a book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer, the woman behind the “Twlight” series.

Instead of vampires, “The Host” is a love story that centers around an alien species who takes over earth by inhabiting human minds. However, there is a small group of humans left that are fighting back against the aliens and prove that the human mind is capable of much more than the aliens think.

The collectors edition of Us Magazine promises behind-the-scenes photos, information about the movie’s stars and comes with a movie poster.

“The Host” stars Saoirse Ronan, Jake Abel, Max Irons, William Hurt and Diane Kruger.

The movie will be released on March 29. The collectors edition of Us Magazine is on news stands now.

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