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Tyler Perry vs. The Demon – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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It was another strong weekend at the box office as the fourth installment of the low budget horror franchise, “Paranormal Activity,” opened number one with a $30 million dollar take. That’s a bit lower than many in Hollywood projected as its previous sequels “Paranormal Activity 2″ & “3″ opened to over $40 million and $50 million respectively. Regardless, for a film budgeted under $10 million Paramount is pleased and we’re sure to see (well, not see, really) that paranormal demon in more sequels.

The other wide release this weekend was “Alex Cross,” based on the popular James Patterson crime novels. This time Tyler Perry takes the role of Cross, which was previously inhabited by Morgan Freeman in “Kill the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider.” The film took in $12 million for a fourth place finish. Like “PA4,” it was lower than many hoped but Perry is already locked for a sequel, “Double Cross.”

Lets dive into the franchise machine to see if Perry or “Paramormal”’s Demon won the week.

Tyler Perry – “Alex Cross”

Tyler Perry knows something about franchises. His Aunt Madea has made him a superstar and multi-millionaire overnight. But are audiences ready to see Perry play a character outside of the wacky Madea comedies or relationship dramedies he’ll also make? This weekend proved that the Perry die hards came out to the multiplexes but if Summit Entertainment was looking to branch out to other audiences they might not have succeeded.

Along with promoting Alex Cross this week, Perry also had to discuss his relationship with the Whitney Houston family. One of the standout eulogies at her funeral early this year, he talked to CNN’s Piers Morgan about walking into the hotel room where the superstar died and hearing the bass from the party below. The Houston family has also said that Perry has been a father figure to Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina.

The Demon – “Paranormal Activity 4″

He’s taken many forms, but for four “found footage” films “The Demon” has been one of the biggest box office draws in Hollywood. The mysterious form that’s terrorized a rural Southern California family for years now has kept us returning for more as it pulls unsuspecting people out of bed, makes them levitate, and possesses people to kill their loved ones.

Over at NextMovie, they scored an exclusive interview with the demon.

And the winner is…

This one is a tough one. Both are generating major box office coin. But we have to give it to Perry. Honestly, we think with “Alex Cross” Perry has shown that he’s capable of doing other things than dress up in drag. The Demon we think doesn’t have that much range.

If WWTW is mysteriously not up on the site next week, chances are The Demon reads Celebs.com.