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Tina Fey is Ladies’ Home Journal Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Tina Fey in Ladies Home Journal

Tina Fey continues to prove why she’s one of Hollywood’s most beloved talents. The hilarious writer/actress sat down with Ladies’ Home Journal for their April 2013 issue.

As for why laughter is the best medicine, she explains, “Humor is a great coping mechanism in real life. I know things are getting stressful if I lose my sense of humor in any situation. Part of being successful is being a good collaborator — and being smart enough to find the right people to work with.”

Fey also spoke about the importance of instilling a healthy body image with her children. “One specific thing is I try not to speak badly about my own body or food things in front of them. And I never talk to them about their bodies in terms of anything but being healthy. Last winter Alice wanted to eat more and more holiday candy. I said, ‘Pace yourself, I don’t want you to throw up.’ I said that because I was a big barfer as a kid. But our babysitter misheard me and she said, ‘That’s right, you don’t want to blow up. You don’t want to get big and fat!’ That’s when you realize no matter how much you try to guide your children, they will always encounter other people’s weird messages.”

Read more with Fey in the latest issue of Ladies’ Home Journal, available now.

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