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Time Wants You to Vote for “Person of the Year 2012″

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Choosing Time’s “Person of the Year 2012″ is not exactly a democratic process, but the magazine would still like to consider your feedback as they make their final decision. There’s an interesting cast of newsworthy, history-making and even entertainment-centered individuals and groups that are up for consideration this year.

Psy, the man who brought “Gangnam Style” to the world, is up for consideration. So is the punk music group Pussy Riot, although their reason for being on the list is far more serious: Two members of the group are currently serving a 2-year prison sentence for speaking out against Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral.

Other people being considered include the recently re-elected President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Malala Yousafzai, a courageous 15-year-old activist from Pakistan who was shot in an assassination attempt while walking home from school.

To let your voice be heard, go to Time magazine’s website and cast your vote. You can also see the judging panel weigh in with their thoughts below. Then, tell us in the comments section who you think should be on the cover when Time announces the winner on Dec. 14.

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