Thomas Jane Slams Ageism in Modern Society

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Thomas Jane is not a fan of the rampant ageism in modern society. The “Hung” actor recently told the Huffington Post, “There’s no socially acceptable middle age. We have to lie about our age to get jobs, we have to dress the way we did in our 20s, with blue jeans and a T-shirt and f*cking tennis shoes. Really? I’m 40 years old and still wearing the same godddamn uniform that I wore in my 20s?”

Jane’s rant didn’t stop there. The 42-year-old actor continued, “In my 40s, I’m as sharp as I’ve ever been, I’m wiser than I’ve ever been, I’m physically in great health, but now I’m being passed over because I’m in my f*cking 40s, by society as a whole?”

Thomas Jane says that the media chooses to exclusively focus on issues relevant to those in their 20s and 30s. Do you agree with Jane’s sentiments on ageism?