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‘This is 40′ Cast Meets Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog with Paul Rudd

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog managed to score an invite to the set of “This is 40.” While there, he did what he does best and verbally pooped on everyone in sight.

Paul Rudd was Triumph’s first victim. He was called out for being the last call you make to cast a film when you can’t get anyone better. Following that, everyone took a turn getting ripped a new one. Megan Fox was called out for calling herself an actress. Leslie Mann was accused of not making good movies. Judd Apatow was called “Judd Crapatow.” John Lithgow even spent some time with Triumph, which resulted in the dog asking him why he hasn’t removed his makeup since playing an alien on “3rd Rock from the Sun.”

The hazing was all in good jest, though. The comedian behind Triumph is Robert Smigel, the brilliant mind behind the “TV Funhouse” shorts on “Saturday Night Live.” Smigel has a small part in “This is 40,” explaining why they let a dog on set.

“This is 40″ opens in theaters nationwide on Dec. 21.