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The Wolfpack Holds an Intervention in the New ‘Hangover Part III’ Trailer

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the hangover part 3

The Hangover Part III” filmmakers are giving anticipating viewers a better idea of the plot in the upcoming film. In a new trailer for the movie, the gang holds an intervention for Alan (Zach Galifianakis) after his father dies and he stops taking his meds.

Doug (Justin Bartha) seeks out the help of this friends Phil (Bradley Cooper) and Stu (Ed Helms) to attend an intervention and get Alan into a rehab facility. It seems that Alan agrees and the four embark on a mini road trip to the facility. Along the way, mayhem hits and Doug is kidnapped by John Goodman‘s character who claims Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) owes him $21 million.

Somehow, the Wolfpack finds themselves back in Las Vegas where they encounter gunfire, explosions, and all around chaos mixed in with what one can only assume will be a ton of laughs. In the midst of all this is an appearance from Melissa McCartney.

“The Hangover Part III” hits theaters on May 24. Check out the second trailer for the movie below.