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“The Client List’s” Notorious Naturi Naughton – a Celebs.com Original

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By Susan Hornik

Looks like it’s going to be a good year for actress Naturi Naughton, who just celebrated her birthday and the renewal of her new show on Lifetime, “The Client List!” Known for her roles on NBC’s “The Playboy Club,” and as Lil’ Kim in the movie “Notorious,” Naturi is also a talented rapper/singer; as a teenager, she was part of the girl group 3LW. Read on to find out what she looks for in a guy, what charities are close to Naturi’s heart, and more about her role opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Celebs.com: How do you relate to your character?
Naturi Naughton: Kendra is a young, naïve, Texas girl who works at The Rub. She’s the optimistic one of the bunch and she’s always giving advice to the other girls based on her  zen lifestyle. Despite her daily affirmations and positive attitude, she struggles with making some very tough decisions. Her fiance has arranged this perfect and conservative life for her, but Kendra is uncertain if she wants to live the life he has set out for her.

I relate to Kendra because she’s still discovering herself. I think she represents a stage in life that so many young women go through. Where do I want to be? Do I want to get married? Who am I?

Celebs.com: How is it working with your co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt?
Naturi: I love working with Jennifer Love Hewitt! I really admire her. She’s got a leader’s spirit but yet she’s still so down to earth. You should see us on set! All us “spa girls” are laughing, having girl-talk and just having a good time! It’s so nice because going to work everyday is really a lot of fun!

Celebs.com: You are a rising star, how does being a celebrity impact you in your day to day life?
Naturi: Being a celebrity impacts my life in many different ways. I now have the ability to use my voice to inspire so many people. I visit schools and talk to young people, letting them know its okay to be smart, or be talented, and be excellent! I’m involved with the “HerShe Group” which helps prepare young women in foster care for the world by giving them life skills, building up their self-esteem, and teaching them good decision making habits.

I’m also involved in the “Greater Than Aids” campaign. I lend my voice and urge the importance of getting tested and protecting ourselves.
Another passion project I’m involved in is the OSA (Opportunity Scholarship Act). I’m from East Orange, New Jersey, so OSA hits close to home. This initiative is an effort to grant urban kids scholarships to attend private schools, giving them the chance to get the education that they deserve. So overall, being a celebrity is a gift. I am always trying to give back in any way that I can.

Celebs.com: It was great to see you on NBC’s retro show, “The Playboy Club.” What did you like about the guys from that time period?
Naturi: The men were much more alluring, smooth, a gentleman. Chivalry was not dead and there was real romance. I am a hopeless romantic. I am a girly girl who loves flowers and candy. Nowadays, the lines are blurred. I definitely like men from that time…I’m an old school kinda gal.

Celebs.com: What do you look for in a guy?
Naturi: I look for him to be a gentleman, and I am also about respecting my career. Some men want to be a leader. I want the man to know that I have my own dreams. So I would really like him to be supportive. And I love funny guys as well! I like having fun!

Celebs.com: You were in the girl group 3LW and are a great singer, any plans to do an album?
No album yet, but that is something I will be doing in the future. I am just excited to be a part of such a fabulous show! “The Client List” is really connecting with people and I’m happy to be a series regular on it, that’s the main thing I’m working on. Hope people keep tuning Sundays at 10pm/9c on Lifetime!

Get your Naughton fix here, and this Sunday when “The Client List” finale airs on the Lifetime channel.