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The ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff is in the Works

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saul goodman spinoff

Breaking Bad” is getting ready to air its final episodes, but one iconic character’s story is far from over. The Saul Goodman spinoff is officially in the works.

Played by Bob Odenkirk, Goodman is the less-than-ethical lawyer to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, helping the duo repair the many problematic situations they find themselves in. “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan confirmed that he and his crew has been hard at work on production of the show with the working title “Better Call Saul.”

“It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s definitely something we’re full speed ahead on trying to get going,” Gilligan said.

At the moment, it is unclear what direction the show will take and if it will serve as a prequel or sequel to “Breaking Bad,” especially considering that we have yet to find out Goodman’s fate at the end of the series.

“There’s a way to do both versions of the show,” Gilligan added. “There’s a way to make it a half-hour show and make it a little more — I don’t want to say sitcom-y, but a little more traditionally half-hour comedic. Or there’s a way to do it where it fits more snuggly in with the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe, in which it’s an hour-long show. As you can imagine with Saul Goodman as a character, a show like that would have to have plenty of humor to it… As of yet, we haven’t completely figured that out ourselves.”

Are you excited for Saul Goodman to get his own show?

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