NEW IMAGES: Taylor Lautner VIP Fan Premiere & Sneak Preview Now on Sale!

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Lionsgate sure know how to get the adrenaline pumping, first with “Warrior” opening this past weekend with a killer performance by Tom Hardy that shouldn’t be missed, and now targeting a slightly different demographic, the Twi-hards who’ll follow Taylor Lautner to the action-thriller role he seems to have been born to play.

Co-starring Phil Collins’s daughter Lily, who’s also one of the two upcoming Snow Whites (the other, of course, being Lautner’s Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart), “Abduction” seems to follow the Jason Bourne-meets-Transporter lineage, and is sure to provide enough brooding and general teen awesomeness to ensure that girls and their mom’s aren’t disappointed. As a bonus for any chaperones in the audience, the star of the Scandinavian “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” movies takes on a villainous role in this film, while Sigourney Weaver’s appearance will appease some others among us.

For the diehard Twihards, tickets are NOW ON SALE for the VIP Fan Premiere and Sneak Preview taking place on September 15, 2011. Those grabbing these early bird tickets get to see the red carpet premiere taking place in Hollywood on the big screen prior to the preview screening, and get a bag of goodies that includes a t-shirt, iPhone skin and other Abduction collectibles.

Tickets are available at the Abduction Facebook Page. Those who can’t make it to the sneaks can tune in to livestreaming of the premiere event here.

And, just in case you forgot for a moment what these fans are fussing about, here’s last week’s Lautner fix photo gallery PLUS some new shots released today.

You’re welcome.