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Taylor Kitsch & Oliver Stone are a Dapper Duo on the Cover of LA Confidential (Photo Gallery)

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Taylor Kitsch and Oliver Stone in LA Confidential

Taylor Kitsch and Oliver Stone are a dapper duo on the summer cover of LA Confidential. In the accompanying interview, the actor and director opened up to the seasonal magazine about their upcoming film, “Savages.”

“I’ve always been drawn to the gangster and the criminal element. I’ve essentially been an anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian person. I have a very strong dislike for central authority. It’s taking an important subject to me, which is drug legalization, but treating it not like a documentary [and instead] having fun with it,” Stone explained. “It’s an exciting ride, and you see where the legality of the drug trade rubs up against the dangers. I feel strongly about it, but at the same time it doesn’t need preaching about because it’s well known. We’re showing how the system was spoiled, because everyone in the film — except for the young people in it — is corrupt. It’s a hypothetical, but it could happen.”

The duo also posed for an editorial. Check those photos out below.

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