Tareq Salahi: “I Want a Divorce!”

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White House party crasher Michaele Salahi recently took a journey. Right into the arms of the guitarist of Journey.

Earlier this week, she left the house she shared with her husband, Tareq Salahi, and never returned. A worried Tareq reported her missing, but his concern turned to rage when he found out Michaele had run off with Neal Schon, Journey guitarist and close friend of the couple.

Too close, it turns out.

Now, Tareq says that he’s planning on filing for divorce.

And the affair between Michaele and Neal has been going on for a while now. The two initially met in the 1995, and the relationship turned physical in 2009. A source tells TMZ the Michaele even bragged about the “wild sex” the two had.

Maybe Neal should change the name of Journey’s hit to “Unfaithfully”?

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