Tara Reid’s Dog Will Not Sully Paws on Plebian Asphalt

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"You wanna go for a ride inna cart, don't you? Yes you do. Yes you do."

After the original American Pie movie series, there were several straight-to-DVD spinoffs that most of the cast save for Eugene Levy refuse to take part in. Times have changed, and apparently Tara Reid, Natasha Lyonne, Chris Klein and the rest of the gang aren’t exactly setting the world alight so they’ve all agreed to return for American Reunion. And if you’re wondering how Tara Reid is holding up these days, Page Six has your answer.

The disheveled-looking actress stopped two strangers in a Walgreens parking lot over the weekend, a source said, to ask where the “nearest Mexican restaurant was. She was wearing torn jeans and a pink hoodie, despite the 90-degree heat. She was pushing a shopping cart with her dog in it.” A Walgreens manager emerged and ordered Reid to return her cart. “She whined, ‘I’m just borrowing it,’” our amused spy said. “Ma’am, please, we don’t have that many,” said the clerk, whom Reid argued with before ditching the cart, grabbing the dog, and storming off.

Eh, that doesn’t sound that crazy. It could have been a shopping cart full of feral cats, or live scorpions, or her own bodily waste. What I’m saying here is that Tara Reid’s really turned it around.