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26, 2011 2:50pm

With Thanksgiving just gone by, we’re all looking for easy ways to fill the space where we just had constant chatter from the people we love. (And/or we need to drown out the voices of the people we love asking us questions we don’t want to answer).

The best way to do that is to put on headphones and act busy.

This week, in the quest to stay busy with music, we’ve got new music from Kud Cudi’s new band WZRD, something special from Rihanna & a new look at indie pop’s reigning queen, Dev.

Single: “Break” by WZRD

Kid Cudi emerged from his wizardly slumber to poach onto the internet with the new single from his band WZRD.  The final result is an ou-of-this-world throwback fusion that hints of Pink Floyd, hip hop and psychedelic rock.

The sound is unexpected and might take Kid Cudi fans by surprise, but the evolution of his artistry is apparent.

There have been obvious hints in Cudi’s past work that suggests a rock album was inevitable, especially his collaboration with  St. Vincent on “Maniac” on the 2010 album Man On The Moon Vol II:  The Legend Of Mr. Rager.

Now, if the rest of the WZRD album is anywhere near this good, Cudi should leave a significant impression on contemporary rock music.

Album: “We Found Love” by Rihanna

Rihanna established herself as an edgy force in pop music after releasing her last two albums Rated R & Loud.  But with her sixth studio album Talk That Talk Rihanna’s revisiting her party pop roots without abandoning her freshly established edge.

The album’s lead singles “We Found Love” and “You Da One” establish that Talk That Talk will likely become the dance album of 2012.

Rihanna is clear about two key things, what she’s good at and what her audience likes, and Talk That Talk is executed perfectly.  If you’re a fan, the album’s worth purchasing, unless your plan is to wait till all the songs hit radio and become terribly overplayed.

Music Video: “Lightspeed” by Dev featuring The Cataracs

Dev might be pregnant but that’s not stopping her at all.  The indie pop princess has been touring the world to promote her singles “Booty Bounce,” “Dancing In The Dark,” & now, “Lightspeed.”

The journey was documented and is the basis for the music video for “Lightspeed” taking us through the journey with Dev as she performs her hits around the world.

Perhaps, the most interesting part of the video is watching her interact with her boyfriend.  The intimacy between the two of them as she journeys around the globe is a nice glimpse into Dev the woman and not the performer.