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‘Help’ Is on its way! THE BEATLES feature film from 1965 is now on iTunes (Trailer & Pics)

26, 2013 5:41am

Directed by Richard Lester (who also helmed “A Hard Day’s Night”) back in the early ’60s, “Help!” starred the mop tops as themselves with Leo McKern, Roy Kinnear and other actors of the day along for the ride as The Beatles become passive recipients of an outside plot that revolves around Ringo’s possession of a sacrificial ring, which he cannot remove from his finger. As a result, he and his bandmates are chased from London to the Austrian Alps and the Bahamas by religious cult members, a mad scientist and the London police.

The tracks featured in the film include: “Help!,” “You’re Going To Lose That Girl,” “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away,” “Ticket To Ride,” “I Need You,” “The Night Before,” and “Another Girl.”

Now being made available on iTunes with extras such as a 30-minute documentary about the making of the film (including exclusive behind the scenes footage), an outtake from the film, reminiscences of the cast and crew and a look at the restoration process that went into bringing the digital download to the world, you can check out the trailer below, and some stills from the film below that!

Photos courtesy of © Apple Corps Ltd, © Subafilms Ltd / Bruce A Karsh