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Victoria Justice Flaunts 20s Flapper Glamour in Nylon (Photo Gallery)

26, 2012 8:00am

Victoria Justice in Nylon

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice wears glamorous flapper fashion in the May 2012 issue of Nylon magazine. Although the starlet isn’t quite ready to shed her Nickelodeon image, she discussed her plans to grow as an actress with Nylon.

“I realize, being on Nickelodeon right now, I’m going to have to prove myself. I want to play characters that are different from what I’m doing now. I really want to try new things,” she explained. “I just really want to surprise people and work with people who push me, as well.”

With Victoria Justice’s willowy frame and good looks, the Nickelodeon star will continue to become a household Hollywood name. Check out her Nylon editorial below.

Freida Pinto is Simply Stunning on the Cover of Nylon April 2012 (Photo Gallery)

6, 2012 12:00pm

Freida Pinto in Nylon

Freida Pinto‘s Nylon cover and editorial shows a more relaxed, subdued side of the actress. In the photo shoot, Pinto wears leather jackets, mesh tops and faded denim.

Pinto, who just wrapped up filming “Trishna,” admitted to Nylon that she feels pressure to only portray specific cultural roles. “Sometimes I get attacked for wanting to not just be an Indian actress,” she explained. “It’s funny because I think a British actor can play an American or an Australian or French. But when I try and play roles where I could physically fit into that character, but maybe I’m not from that country, people are like, ‘Wait, why is an Indian actress playing that?’ But why not? You know? It doesn’t make sense. It’s kind of a double standard.”

Pinto has stayed true to her instincts, though, and become an international sensation because of it. Check out the gallery to see the rest of her photo shoot, which was captured by Hilary Walsh and styled by Laurie Trott.