Posts Tagged: Nicole Polizzi Adds Original Photography (of Snooki) by Scott McDermott

5, 2011 7:00am

Snooki, posing for the cover of her best-selling autobiography isn’t limited to just bringing the celebrity news of the day, we’re also committed to providing cutting-edge photography of celebrities by some of today’s leading photographers.

In addition to a commitment to better-than-the-usual images in our Red Carpet Round-Up, our key photographers have photographed epic portraits of some of today’s most interesting, most provocative, most talented and most talked-about.

U.S.-born Scott McDermott grew up in Switzerland, backpacked America’s wild west and hiked Nepal’s Himalayas before committing to college life invested/wasted in a darkroom.

Initially focused on shooting action and event coverage, McDermott’s work shifted toward the athletes themselves and their remarkable abilities, which led to photographing others who’d made their marks on Hollywood and the music

McDermott has captured portraits of hundreds of the worlds best creative minds at the Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes and Toronto film festivals, he has shot campaigns for shows on Spike, Syfy and Bravo, and his print work has appeared in magazines ranging from “Men’s Health” to “Time.”

Based in New York City, where he brings his distinctive style to clients that include ABC, Absolut, Champion, HBO, Nike, Tanqueray, JetBlue, Time Warner, Ralph Lauren and Target, McDermott has recently picked up a slew of awards, and we can’t wait to share more of his work with visitors.

McDermott very rarely takes the opportunity to snap himself alongside any of his uber-personality subjects, but when it came to “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki, whom he shot for the cover of her best-selling autobiography (pics above), he admitted to us that he just couldn’t resist.

Sure, it appears Snooki kept MTV’s cameras happy and active as she was assisted from a beach-side club over the 4th of July weekend celebrations, but we’d rather you also see these shots of Snooki at her best.