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13, 2012 3:00pm

The music industry’s winter vacation has come to an end with this week’s set of new music releases, which include Snow Patrol‘s new, highly anticipated album Fallen Empire.

Rockers Black Veil Brides release their latest single Fallen Angels and sexy hip hop artist Mike Posner‘s music video for his latest single Looks Like Sex sets the right mood.

This Week’s Best Album: Fallen Empire – Snow Patrol

Irish quintet Snow Patrol is back. With their sixth studio album, Fallen Empire, they’ve stepped up their game.  The group most famous for theirEyes Open album entered the studio in Joshua Tree, California with the intent to create an album that would redefine the direction of their band.

Lead singer, Gary Lightbody, attributed the direction taken in Fallen Empire to Arcade Fire’s prolific 2010 album The Suburbs saying:

We wanted to make a massively ambitious record.  Arcade Fire’s last record (The Suburbs) made us realize that we had to up our game. It was amazing. We decided that we wanted to make a record unlike any other we’ve made before.

To compare it to The Suburbs is quite the stretch, but the album takes plenty of risks that definitely pay off.  In the end, Fallen Empire won’t be the album that redefines Snow Patrol per se, but should be the one that catapults them back into our immediate consciousness.

This Week’s Best Single: “Fallen Angels” – Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides‘ die hard fans have new music to keep them from the edge with the release of the new single “Fallen Angels.”  The rock groups edgy look now takes a backseat to the music the group is producing, with a much more sophisticated sound than previous efforts.

While “Fallen Angels” actually gives the band a chance to hurl into the mainstream, the band’s carefully orchestrated image might be the component that holds them back.  Regardless, Black Veil Brides have emerged as a band to watch.

This Week’s Best Video: “Looks Like Sex” – Mike Posner

Hip hop cutie Mike Posner is back with his music video for “Looks Like Sex,” the first single off sophomore album Sky High, and the video is easily as suggestive as the song.  “Looks Like Sex” pays homage to women so sultry that they personify fornication.

With a black and white sensibility of human sexuality, the video teams with video vixens, hints of color creeping through the video like a game of Flashdance peek-a-boo.

Posner’s definitely stepping up his game after the success of his first album’s breakout hit “Cooler Than Me,” and it’ll be interesting to see how he visually approaches his followup singles on Sky High.

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