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Destiny’s Child Reunites on Kelly Rowland’s Upcoming Album

8, 2013 8:00am

kelly rowland talk a good game

Kelly Rowland teamed up with former Destiny’s Child members, Beyonce and Michelle Williams, for a new track on her upcoming album.

“It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyonce and Michelle,” Rowland told Billboard.

The singer says she has been working on the album for quite some time and has been very selective about the songs that made the cut.

“I think I recorded around 70-something songs for this album. I had to narrow it down to 12 — you know how hard that is?” Rowland said. “Especially when you’re in love, like your heart pumps for 35 of them. I kept going back and forth with my A&R and my manager, we’ve all been on this incredible journey together and they’re just like, ‘Save it for the next album!’”

Rowland’s album “Talk a Good Game” will be released on June 4.