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Jessica Simpson Talks Body Image and Fame in Lucky Magazine

1, 2011 2:07pm

jessica simpson lucky

Jessica Simpson is the face of the December 2011 issue of Lucky Magazine, and the pregnant mogul had much to say about the media infatuation with her weight over the years, her fashion ventures and fiance Eric Johnson.

Speaking about her weight, Simpson admitted that not dieting probably helped the Jessica Simpson Collection, her fashion line, take off: “I got so much scrutiny for putting on extra pounds, but I think that the decision not to make myself anorexic was actually great for branding. Because when you’re really, really skinny, not everybody can relate to you.” Lucky notes that the aforementioned collection will bring in nearly a billion dollars before the end of 2012.

And what did Simpson say about her fiance Johnson? “When I met him, I just felt so comfortable with myself and where I was in my life that if he didn’t want to be part of it, he didn’t have to be.” Sounds good to us.

Jessica Simpson Picks Worst News Day Ever to Announce Pregnancy and Launch Skin Care Line

31, 2011 5:21pm

jessica simpson eric johnson

At one point, Oct. 31, 2011 probably seemed like a good date for Jessica Simpson to confirm her pregnancy and launch BeautyMint, her new skin care line, but in a cruel Halloween trick, today’s happy news just so happened to fall after the announcement of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce.

Simpson posted this photo of she and fiance Eric Johnson earlier today, gushing, “It’s true! I am going to be a mummy!” She also discussed BeautyMint, noting, “It’s a project that’s very close to my heart, and we’ve been working on it for some time.”

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson began dating in May 2010; the former pro football player proposed that November.