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‘Cougar Town’ WILL Be Renamed

9, 2011 12:01pm

Courteney Cox‘s sitcom Cougar Town is both a critical hit and a hit with fans, but there’s one thing holding it back: the name. For over a year now, sources close to the show have tossed around the idea of changing the title, but the concept was always shelved because who would ever dream of monkeying with the title of a successful sitcom?

But what once was just a passing fancy sounds like it’s actually going to become a reality… mainly in order to snag more male viewers.

Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence told fans last night via Twitter that the name “will not be around much longer.”

Lawrence says that according to research, “a high number of men that will NEVER sample show called [Cougar Town], even those that liked it once they screened an epsiode.”

So far, contenders for the new name are Sunshine State, The Drinking Age, and our personal favorite, Friends with Beverages.