Posts Tagged: Brooke Shields Weekly Trend Report: Colored Denim Ain’t Just for Crazy Cowboys

10, 2011 7:20pm

Left-to-right: Malin Akerman, Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Greene, Maria Menounos, Ashlee Simpson

By Allison Daniels

If I told you some of the most beloved, chic, and versatile items in your closet were invented in 16th century Europe as heavy-duty work-wear for manual laborers, you probably wouldn’t believe me. But that’s precisely where the story of denim begins.

First popularized as a fashion item in 1930s Hollywood Westerns, denim was transformed into a symbol of counterculture with the now iconic images of  James Dean in Rebel without a Cause, then took a celebrated turn to high fashion and big profits in the ‘80s when a young Brooke Shields controversially uttered Calvin Klein‘s ad copy, “Nothing comes between me and my Calvins”. …Read More