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28, 2012 6:00am

Megan Fox Jalouse

Anne Hathaway Reveals ‘Self-Destructive’ Similarities to Lindsay Lohan

27, 2012 10:00am

You might not mentally associate Anne Hathaway with Lindsay Lohan, but the “Dark Knight Rises” actress recently revealed their similarities and her own self-destructive past.

“Lindsay Lohan and I have more in common than people think,” she explained. “We’ve all done things we shouldn’t. It is just that I did stuff at college when nobody knew about it, so I’m not a saint. I wasted time doing self-destructive things.”

In 2008, Hathaway inadvertently made news for the wrong reasons when her ex-boyfriend Raffaello Folleri was incarcerated for fraud. She told The Sun that the experience taught her that “you need to hold onto that sense of humor — I’ve been in so many embarrassing situations over the years.” Junk Drawer: Steven Tyler, Hilary Duff, Claire Danes and Britney Spears

23, 2012 6:00am

Anne Hathaway Talks Gotham City, Catwoman and Christopher Nolan With the Los Angeles Times

30, 2011 9:53am

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

Anne Hathaway recently sat for an interview with the Los Angeles Times for its upcoming Film Sneaks issue to talk all things “The Dark Knight Rises.” Of course, Hathaway plays the sultry Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman; she’ll join Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy.

Gotham City is full of grace,” Hathaway explained. “You look at Heath‘s performance as the Joker, there was a lot of madness there but there was also a grace and he had a code there. There’s a lot of belief and codes of behavior in Gotham and my character has one, too. A lot of the way she moves and interacts with people is informed by her worldview.”

Bob Kane, who is credited with creating the original comic-book version of Batman, indicated that Catwoman’s character was largely inspired by Hedy Lamarr, so Hathaway did some research to emulate Lamarr’s mannerisms. “I know this sounds odd, but her breathing is extraordinary,” said Hathaway. “She takes these long, deep, languid breaths and exhales slowly. There’s a shot of her in [the 1933 film] ‘Ecstasy’ exhaling a cigarette and I took probably five breaths during her one exhale. So I started working on my breathing a lot.”

Read more from Anne Hathaway’s Los Angeles Times interview here, and if you haven’t seen the trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” yet, see it here.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Next Movie Role: ‘Les Miserables’

8, 2011 2:00pm

Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat

Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedian who brought Borat, Bruno and Ali G. to the world, will reportedly play Monsieur Thenardier in the upcoming film adaptation of “Les Miserables.”

Matt Lucas, who played the villain at the West End, tweeted his support, writing, “Sacha will be amazing in the Les Mis movie. He’s the funniest man in the world and a good friend. Am excited to see his Thenardier.”

The “Les Miserables” film will be directed by Tom Hooper and produced by Cameron Mackintosh. Other cast members include Russell Crowe (Javert), Hugh Jackman (Jean Valjean), Anne Hathaway (Fantine), Eddie Redmayne (Marius) and Helena Bonham Carter (Madam Thenardier). Filming will begin in 2012.

Do you plan on seeing “Les Miserables” when it comes out?

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Rank 1&3 On Forbes Top 10 Value Actors

8, 2011 6:59am

I'm #3, you're #1... it's my move.

Every year “Forbes” ranks actors according to the dollars they generate per dollar of remuneration they receive to determine which actors provide film investors with the best return, aka “Hollywood’s Best Actors for the Buck” list.

The financial windfall earned by Summit Entertainment from the “Twilight” franchise’s latest installment, now closing in on $600 million in worldwide box-office and still holding pole position at the domestic box-office, has been astounding. As reported by Dorothy Pomerantz at Forbes, the first three movies in the “Twilight” ¬†series have cost a total under $200 million and have generated close to $2.5 billion in revenue.

As a result, Kristen Stewart lands on top the Forbes list of actors who provide the best return for dollars spent, and only beats out Robert Pattinson because of his lower performing efforts “Remember Me” and “Water for Elephants” which may have increased his personal earnings but dilute his performance in earnings per dollar.

Forbes only considers actors who’ve been in three or more movies in the past five years, and the films had to open in more than 500 theaters. Animation efforts are also not included.

Here’s the list:

1. Kristen Stewart (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1″) – $55.83

2. Anne Hathaway (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Bride Wars”) – $45.67

3. Robert Pattinson (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1,” “Water for Elephants”) – $39.43

4. Daniel Radcliffe (“Harry Potter” franchise) – $34.24

5. Shia LaBeouf (“Transformers” franchise, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”) – $29.40

6. Robert Downey Jr. (“Iron Man 2,” “Sherlock Holmes”) – $18.74

7. Matt Damon (“True Grit,” “The Adjustment Bureau”) ¬†- $15.83

8. Cate Blanchett (“Hannah,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) – $15.17

9. Meryl Streep (“It’s Complicated,” “Julie & Julia”) – $13.54

10. Johnny Depp (“Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise) – $12.48