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SxSW Superstars 4: Computer Chess’s Andrew Bujalski, Chris Doubek, Jonny Mars

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SxSW Megastars Tishuan Scott (also starring in Chris Eska’s SxSW feature “The Retrieval”), Wiley Wiggins (“Dazed & Confused,” “Waking Life”), Chris Doubek (pictured above, also with “Good Night” “Loves Her Gun,” “White Reindeer” and “A Teacher” at the festival) and Jonny Mars (with “Black Metal,” “Pit Stop,” “Good Night,” “A Teacher,” “Follow” and “Hell No” all playing SxSW) joined director Andrew Bujalski for a chat with Elliot V. Kotek about “Computer Chess” – a 1980s-set story centered around a man vs. machine chess tournament.

The actors, along with Robin Schwartz, Cyndi Williams, Eric Newton and plenty more are pictured below the interview (original portraits by Scott McDermott) along with some stills from the flick.