SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL: Celebs.com Hits the Snow

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Celebs.com has hit the snow at Sundance with our first ever CELEBS.COM STUDIO on Main Street, Park City, Utah.

Our FIRST DAY saw the team from “Celeste & Jesse Forever,” “Saturday Night Live’s” Andy Samberg, Emma Roberts, “Parks and Recreation’s” Rashida Jones, “Lord of the Rings’” Elijah Wood, Ari Graynor and even Traci Lords, up at Sundance with the film “Excision.”

With events in our Studio bringing in MovieMaker magazine, Patron, the Montana Film Commission, Stella Artois, North Carolina Film Commission, the Screen Actors’ Guild, Backstage, Sony and Tweet House, the Studio is definitely seeing more than its fair share of both attitude and altitude.

Stay tuned to the site for video interviews and footage from all your favorite Sundance celebrities, from mega-personalities to the world’s most famous performance artist, and even some superstar documentary filmmakers.

We’ll also be taking you inside the VIP lounges set up around town, take you to some of the freezing cold red carpet premieres, and featuring portrait photos from award-winning photographer Scott McDermott, who’ll shoot over 130 personal portraits over the space of five wonderful, snow-filled Sundance days.

See you tomorrow!