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Steven Spielberg Was Victim of Childhood Bullying

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Steven Spielberg (Photo: CBS, 60 Minutes)

Steven Spielberg revealed all in a recent interview with “60 Minutes.” It turns out the Hollywood legend was a victim of childhood bullying.

As Spielberg explained, “I was a nerd in those days. Outsider, like the kid that played the clarinet in the band and orchestra, which I did.”

Other children in his non-Jewish neighborhood would yell such horrific things as, “The Spielbergs are dirty Jews.” The bullying was so relentless that it actually caused Spielberg to deny his Jewish heritage. “I often told people my last name was German, not Jewish. I’m sure my grandparents are rolling over in their graves right now, hearing me say that.”

Making films, such as the upcoming release “Lincoln,” allowed the director to come into his own. “I had found a way to accept myself in my own life by making movies. I found that I could do something well.”

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