Stalker Pens Kooky Jessica Simpson “Affair” Book

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We’re used to hearing about scumbag stalkers hiding out in stars’ bushes, going through their trash, sending threatening letters, and trying to sneak into their homes. But Jessica Simpson‘s crazed fan has taken obsession to a whole new level.

Marce William Burchell, a man who has been described as someone who’s been trying to contact Jessica for years, has written a book called (deep breath) “The True Story of Jessica Ann Simpson’s 22 month long attempt to seduce a married man- her very Active Super Secret Sex life (Volume 1)”. In it, he reportedly dishes on sex-crazed Jessica’s relentless pursuit of him…. although they’ve never met.

Burchell has inundated Simpson with phone calls and text, and reportedly sent her several puppies when her dog Daisy died.

Burchell told TMZ: “This book was not written to hurt her, but was written as my only way to heal emotionally from the severe trauma and pain she put me through by her heartless cruel treatment of me.”

And yes, you can buy the self-published tome on Amazon. For $29.99, it promises to be the comedy of the year.

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