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Springsteen Fans Deliver on the Age-Old Qn: Who’s The Boss?

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Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen & I” (trailer below) is a loose collection of video love letters to the Boss from his most sincere and ardent fans, punctuated by stirring live performances that justify their devotion.

Fans of the musician will undoubtedly identify with the outpouring of passion and, indeed, love, expressed for their hero. The stories are moving and often emotional, particularly from those who have had the good fortune to have serendipitous first person encounters with the legend. But perhaps the most interesting tale in the film is that of a middle-aged couple who, despite their single-minded devotion to their idol, have never been able to attend one of Springsteen’s legendary concerts due to money woes.

While reading other people’s love letters is somewhat less fulfilling than the experience of being in love, the director has the good sense to balance the procession of fan tales to offer up rare concert footage of Springsteen. With each beat we are reminded not only of the power of Bruce’s songs and showmanship, but also of his ability to connect to fans by making them feel as though he is performing just for them.

Though those who’re not yet converts to the big deal that is Bruce may remain immune to his particular brand of brilliance, any Springsteen devotee will come out of the “Springsteen & I” theatre energized by an American legend.

Produced by Ridley Scott & Associates, the film hits select theaters on July 22, 2013!

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Review contributed by Marc Golden.

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