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Sofia Vergara Sizzles in the September Issue of Allure (Photo Gallery)

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Sofia Vergara in Allure

If this is what 40 looks like, then count us in. Sofia Vergara is simply stunning on the cover of Allure’s September issue.

The actress knows that sexy is about far more than appearance, as she explained to Allure. “The guys I know love it. You don’t have to win Miss Universe, but you have to feel attractive, and you have to feel wanted. I have so many friends that are Latin, and they’re not Miss Universe, but they have something, and they get more guys than the really tall, blonde, perfect model that is just standing there. So I think sexy is the attitude of you believing that you can get whatever you want.”

She’s not just dissing on blondes either. It’s a little-known fact but Vergara is actually a natural blonde herself. “If you see me without mascara, my eyelashes are completely blonde, I’m very, very fair-skinned. I mean, this (gesturing downward) is completely blonde. It’s really weird.”

Perhaps the most refreshing part of the interview is the star’s refusal to drop below 130 lbs. That’s right, below. “My ass gets smaller, and my boobs get smaller. I don’t mind when the boobs get smaller. I don’t like when the ass gets smaller. In Latin America, if you don’t have a big ass, you’re nothing.”

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