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Slamdance ’13: Sonja Kinski Leads Innovative Indie ‘Diamond on Vinyl’ (Photo Gallery)

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One of the most innovative independent offerings up at the Slamdance Film Festival this week is JR Hughto‘s “Diamond on Vinyl” – reminiscent of the honesty of indie pioneer “Sex, Lies & Videotape” cut with a dose of lo-fi voyeurism, the film has a marked beauty and is weighted with intrigue. Leading the cast is relative newcomer Sonja Kinski, daughter of sex-bomb Natassja, grand-daughter of troubled talent Klaus.

Kinski, with five films under her belt in the past five years is on the fast track to a career on screen, and pairing her with one of LA’s favorite indie kings, Brian McGuire (“In Search of a Midnight Kiss”), couldn’t have been a more curious dynamic (the playful Nina Millin rounds out the stellar cast). ┬áCheck out the pics by Scott McDermott, below, and check back in for our video interview from the Beyond Cinema Studio presented by Celebs.com.

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